On this page you will find resources to support the development of your program.  Some resources will involve links to external service providers.  

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The SSN are now available to deliver 2-hour Sustainability Workshops.  The workshop includes information regarding the concept of sustainability, what is needed to initiate and maintain behaviour change and practical sustainability tips.  


Please email: to arrange a workshop in your school.


Curriculum Tools

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Special offer available to those involved with the SSN.  Just mentioned you became aware of ISH through the SSN and you will receive a bonus 2 month subscription

Yugambeh Museum

Click on the Yugambeh Museum logo to access the worksheet provided as part of the 2020 Sustainability Symposium.  Yugambeh Museum would love you to share your work on their social media channels!

Climate Clever

ClimateClever has a special deal for school communities and households - 50% off their service!

Click here to access the school discount

Click here to access the discount for homes


Sustainable Development Goals Tools

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Episode 1 - Basic Wildlife Rescue

Green Heroes is working with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, WIRES, and the Animal Rescue Collective to produce a 10 part series of community education films.

Episode 2 - Rescue and Rehabilitation of Native Birds

Episode 3 - Flying Foxes and Microbats


Use this guide for tips on talking to young people and children about climate change.

We focus on encouraging honest conversations in classrooms that give hope, whilst not ignoring the reality and scale of the problem.

Use WORLD LARGEST LESSONS resources as a starting point to engage and inspire students aged 8-13 to become climate activists.

Click to view guide


Earth Charter

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Other Tools and Places to Start


The ABC has launched Your Planet – a season of stories celebrating and exploring our environment and seeking solutions to the climate challenge.  

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The ABC has launched BIG WEATHER – Produced in partnership with the Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience, this collection of Big Weather (and how to survive it) education resources delves into the causes, impacts, and responses to extreme weather events and provides information on how to survive them. 

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Check out the resources on the Australian Circular Economy Hub's website.



The 5 R’s to sustainability - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle


Outdoor school environments need to be safe, stimulate physical and cognitive development of children and encourage learning. These key requirements are jeopardised by increasing summer heat. 


Click on the School Microclimates image to access the worksheet provided about research and recommendations by the NSW Government, Western Sydney University and Macquarie University about reducing summer heat hazards for children through planting, shading, and low heat pavement options.