SSN Youth Ambassador & Founding Member 

For outstanding commitment and dedication to her school, studies and community and environment Meghan was the 2018 recipient of the Spirit of Somerset Award and the Hinwood Award. These awards collectively recognise Meghan’s exceptional leadership, effort and contributions across a very wide variety of causes, and the exceptional quality of performance that Somerset College is proud to embrace. Meghan was the leading senior student in the newly developed Sustainable Spartans committee and has now enthusiastically taken on the role of Youth Ambassador for the Sustainable Schools Network. Meghan is passionate about leading and educating others about sustainability and “earthly well-being” and proudly wears her messages on her own T-shirt line Earth-Tees which she co-founded in 2018.

Meghan is studying Veterinary Science at James Cook University in 2019 and is looking forward to continuing her efforts in sustainability as Youth Ambassador for the Sustainable Schools Network.



SSN Youth Ambassador

Jasmine recently achieved an OP1 whilst pursuing her commitment and passion for helping injured wildlife.  From a young age Jasmine has been rehabilitating and releasing wildlife back into the wild, especially Koalas.  She believes that the youth of Australia are able to come together under the banner of preserving and regenerating Australian ecosystems that are home to thousands of species.  In pursuit of wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, Jasmine has volunteered for a number of initiatives, including as a: WildCare volunteer; WildCare workshop facilitator; NaturallyGC ambassador in 2017-18; Secretary and research assistant for Humpbacks and High-Rises; in addition to working with Griffith University Scientists in shark research. Jasmine is currently studying an Advanced Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Marine Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


SSN Youth Ambassador 

A dedicated, leading Sustainable Schools Network Youth Ambassador, Patrick Brabant inspires other with his passion for environmental sustainability.  From a tender age Patrick has been fascinated by nature, all its creatures and how he can protect them.  Completing the inaugural Outward Bound Australia/Tweed Council Environmental Leadership Training, Patrick has used his experience to work with schools on sustainability initiatives like recycling, composting and nude food lunches.  Patrick is also one of the ambassadors for the NaturallyGC program.

Patrick was recently featured in the SSN Journal #3


SSN Youth Ambassador, Founder Tell Someone Who Cares

Holley was recently featured in the SSN Journal #4

Holley is the Founder of Tell Someone Who Cares - a social enterprise that helps to raise awareness and save rainforests from palm oil destruction, protect endangered wildlife and empower indigenous peoples. After seeing the documentary Rise of the Eco Warriors, Holley decided to create a global consumer movement and education platform based on some amazing solutions coming out of the Borneo rainforest.  Holley developed a coconut product range containing illipe nut butter which is a sustainable alternative to palm oil and can be used in the same way. This creates an alternative economy for local communities as they get paid better than fair trade price for collecting, drying and processing the illipe. Holley ships this to Australia and adds natural and organic botanicals. So instead of chopping the forest down, TSWC helps to regenerate it! Holley aims to create a global community that will empower youth to unite, connect and co-create change together. TSWC has 3 ways to Be the Solution: Host a RAD DAY (rainforest action day), Purchase the products or Adopt an Orangutan.

Holley started her environmental and social justice journey at age 8 after starting a charity called The Stardust Foundation to help planet, people, animals in need. She uses her voice to create positive change in the world by delivering face melting performances, slam poetry, singing, and motivational speaking and as the lead singer in her band Holley Somerville and the Soul Experience. Holley has won many awards and performed at some high profile events including: Layne Beachley's Aim for the Stars Gala, Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus, Business Chicks 9 - Thrive and International Womens Day AGENDA with Sandra Sully. Her awards include a Gold and Silver Stevie award in New York, a Green Globe Sustainability Award, The Gecko Environmental Award, Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year, Young Achievers NSW and recently the Telstra Womens Business Awards finalist. Holley has also been featured in a book with Sir Richard Branson 101 Reasons to get out of bed and save the planet.