Koala Water Station Design Challenge, 2020

Koala water station design challenge Ext

Dear Students, Teachers and community groups, 


Thank you for your interest in taking part in the Koala Water Station Design Challenge in 2020. 


Due to COVID-19 and the interruption, this has caused to the schooling year - we have extended the deadline for submissions to the Koala Water Station Design Challenge to the close of term 3, 2020. 


We hope you will still be able to participate in this challenge for the benefit of koalas before the dry Summer begins. We will now plan on distributing, awards, and certificates of participation to students and schools in Term 4. The chosen design will also be constructed in term 4. 


We welcome any questions, comments, and contact throughout the design challenge process. I look forward to hearing from you!


If you are planning to submit a design (or several) as a class, individual or group, please email us so that we are able to anticipate the number of entries.


Please click here to download the Koala Water Station Design Challenge Information Pack.