We invite everyone to contribute a response on behalf of your electorate and ensure greater support for Education for Sustainability (EfS).


We urge everyone to take this opportunity raise awareness about the opportunities associated with increased understanding of the cross-curriculum priority sustainability within the Australian Curriculum: required to be taught in all Queensland schools.


The feedback received in response to the Discussion Paper will inform the development of a strategy to improve the delivery of EfS in Queensland which will be released in late 2021. A unified Queensland strategy will give rise to learning opportunities for our youth that will stimulate local, community based economic opportunities and improve community capacity to face change. EfS will underpin and strengthen the success of future economic and wellbeing recovery plans for Queenslanders as a consequence of COVID-19 and other economic, social and environmental pressures.


There are four key areas for action identified within the Educating for Sustainability Discussion Paper:

1. Understanding Sustainability

2. Imagining the Future

3. Building Partnerships

4. Taking Action.

Support to raise awareness to increase the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability within the Australian Curriculum in all Queensland schools.

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Fifteen practical and achievable actions have been identified under each of these four areas. While each action will deliver significant opportunity to improve upon the delivery of the sustainability cross-curriculum, collectively the adoption of a wholistic and integrated approach will create the necessary paradigm shift required to achieve a coordinated state-based strategy that is future proofed and inclusive.


Improving the delivery of education for sustainability will ensure our youth and school communities adopt practical skills, knowledge and the confidence to collaborate and create solutions to overcome the local and global employment and lifestyle challenges they will face.


The SSN and our partners implore the elected representative of your electorate to embrace and support the improved delivery of the sustainability cross-curriculum priority in order to shape a positive future for our children.